Corian Specifications

Colours of Corian®
Corian offers a variety of colours from the darker, heavily pigmented colors to the lighter more transparent colours to satisfy every taste.
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Corian Applications
Due to its versatility corian can be used in a variety of sectors. It can be applied in the home, in shops, hotels, health care due to its hygiene properties and other environments.
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Care and Maintenance
With routine care, Corian can remain looking like new for many years.
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on any made to measure Corian work, whether this is in a residential or a business environment.
Unique Corian Collections

Corian® is a solid surface offering superior design possibilities and excellent long-term performance. Corian will give a luxury sense to any space.
Corian® is used both for home and in many different commercial environments such as hotels, healthcare, retail and marine.
Information About Corian
Created to last for a lifetime Corian is a flexible material composed from a unique combination of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. Corian’s versatility allows it to be jointed with a variety of colors and to be shaped and finished into a variety of products. In the home corian can produce beautiful bathrooms, kitchens, sinks and washbasins, lighting and wall shells while in commercial settings such as restaurants, shops, hospitals and offices it can create beautiful receptions, operating theatres, bar tops, worktops etc.

Corian is solid, non-porous and resistant to many chemical and physical hazards. It is remarkably resistant to high temperatures and even different burns can be removed. Similarly, heavy stains, heavy stains and scratches can be erased without a trace either by rubbing with household cleaner or using the orbital sander if the stain or nicks are stronger.

Substances such as alcohol, tea, coffee, ammonia, bleach, washing soda, shoe polish etc can usually be removed by ordinary cleansing products and water.

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